About LendIt

LendIt is the largest conference series dedicated to connecting the global online lending community. LendIt hosts three conferences per year in the USA, Europe, and China. LendIt USA is the industry's annual flagship conference and brings together every major online lending platform from around the world. LendIt Europe and LendIt China are regional conferences that allow attendees to explore those markets in greater detail. Financial innovators, investors and pioneers from all over the world attend LendIt for an opportunity to learn from market leaders, form key business alliances, and showcase and launch industry-moving products and services. LendIt is the must attend conference series for anyone conducting business within the online lending community.

Who attends LendIt?

LendIt is the must-attend event for anyone looking to keep up with industry trends and engage in rich in-person interactions. LendIt attendees are comprised of institutional investors, private wealth managers, family offices, select members of the financial media, individual investors and industry participants.


LendIt 2013 - New York City

LendIt 2013

Our inaugural conference, LendIt 2013, was held in New York City in June 2013 with 350 attendees. It was the first p2p lending conference ever and was completely sold out. It was a one-day conference featuring most of the pioneers in the p2p lending industry. To find out more about LendIt 2013 you can read this wrap-up of the conference from Lend Academy or you can download the official program and agenda here.

LendIt 2014 - San Francisco

LendIt 2014

The second LendIt Conference built off the success of the first. We had over 950 people attend at the two-day conference at the Hilton Hotel in San Francisco on May 5-6. There was also a pre-conference cocktail party on Sunday night before the conference at the 46th floor function room at the Hilton. To find out more about LendIt 2014 you can read this wrap-up of the conference from Lend Academy or you can download the official agenda here.

LendIt China 2014

LendIt Shanghai

In Shanghai we partnered with the Shanghai Finance Institute to co-host the Bund Summitt 2014 on July 19-20, 2014. Also known as LendIt China, there were 400 attendees at the Peninsula Hotel in Shanghai. You can read the review of this conference on Lend Academy.

What attendees are saying about LendIt

“LendIt is the go-to conference to get a consolidated view on the P2P lending industry as well as establish commercial relationships at a global scale.”
- Johan Locke, Director, Barclays
“The LendIt team has brought together the leading industry event for Marketplace Lending. If you only go to one event to learn about this exciting sector, make sure it is LendIt.”
- Jacob Haar, Managing Partner, Community Investment Management
“Increasingly the must-attend Global P2P conference for platforms and investors to understand the latest trends and to network.”
- Cormac Leech, Analyst, Liberum Capital
“LendIt is a must for anybody seriously involved in the peer lending space, absolutely a must.”
- Emmanuel Marot, Co-Founder, LendingRobot
“LendIt is THE place to meet people from the P2P industry. As a newcomer, I found the exposure to be tremendously valuable.”
- David Shimko, CEO and President, CreditCircle, Inc.